Pantry Challenge - Week 3

Ok, so I have to admit, we fell off the bandwagon this weekend.  Traveling is difficult without quick food to refuel and keep moving.  We were able to stay under budget for food in total though, so we are still good with this challenge.  Unfortunately, as the hubby pointed out, we have no more meals out left for the month.

The fridge is pretty sparse now, so there will be few leftover lunches to be had.  The hubby surprised me over the weekend with homemade egg noodles from the extra flour we had on hand, so homemade chicken noodle soup is on the menu tonight.

The rest of the week looks like this:
Dirty rice with sausage
Salmon filets with asparagus
Pasta and Alfredo sauce w/ salad
Leftover Smoked Sausage w/ Sauerkraut and potatoes
Spinach Quiche
Ground beef chili
And one mystery meal! 
(Not the kind in the school cafeteria, but it is a mystery to me at this point, so that fits.)

See you on the post side, Jen
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