Bread Machine Buttery Rolls

Bread Machine Buttery Rolls

Looks like we're not the only ones doing the Pantry Challenge and baking our own bread. Money Saving Mom blogged about it earlier today too. Unlike her, when my bread machine died several years ago, I upgraded to the 'live in' model. My husband is an AWESOME baker and bread is one of his specialities. I found 10+ pounds of whole wheat flour and 3 pounds of active dry yeast in the back of my unkept pantry at the beginning of this challenge. Paul has been baking with it ever since. This is an wonderful addition to our menus.

We have managed our spending on food better than even I expected this month. The pantry and freezer are still well-stocked, so I think we'll make it through fine. I may have to extend it into February. I was born in the 70's but I hord food stock like a depression era survivor. It has made this an easy challenge, but is really a waste of money. It ends up tied up in 'Inventory' instead of paying down our debts or even earning us interest.

What ways do you find that your money is not working as hard for you as you'd like?

See you on the 'post' side! Jen
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