How do you motivate yourself to cook?

It seems to me that 4:30PM (time to start dinner) comes around WAY to fast on a daily basis.  Not only does it sneak up on my most days, but if I didn’t actually thaw something to make BEFORE 4:30, there isn’t actually anything to make!  I did follow advice from a news article and create a year menu plan.  I actually only got half a year done, but I figured I can repeat it the second half of the year.  This has helped!  Whenever I get to the witching hour, I can look to my plan to see IF we have the pantry items to make one of those meals.  Just knowing WHAT to make is a huge burden lifted from me.  I must think about it too much, so when I can’t come up with anything I feel like a huge failure as a wife and mother.  It is my JOB to provide healthy, nutritious meals for my family.  Anyway, what do you do to get the meal to the table every night?  How often do you /can you afford to eat take out?



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