Pantry Challenge - Day 5

Ok, so I already had to break down and buy one grocery item.  I struggled with this quite a bit, but we can't make it 26 more days with 1 egg in the house.  I did find out that Egg-beaters is freezable!  (  So one carton of regular eggs and a carton of Egg-beaters should suffice for this month.  I love my freezer!  There are 3 gallons of milk in there right now!  Did you know you can freeze milk?  It is awesome to know I can buy even one extra gallon and not have to run to the store at 7AM, because the 'little man' needs his 'guk'.  About 2 weeks ago, we decided to finally take him off Whole milk, because he would rather drink milk than eat.  I know it has vitamins and all, but that can't be very healthy if that is ALL you eat.

Anyway, here's the game plan for this week's dinners.  (Yes, I have a mammoth white board in my kitchen!)

I listed items that are going bad on one side and prepared meals for consumption on the other. Leaving the middle open for a weeks worth of dinners. Pasta w/ Sausage, Tacos, Ramen Noodle Bowls, Broccoli MacNCheese, Fish Sticks and Tater Tots, and Shrimp Risotto. There is a meal out this week in celebration of my one year anniversary with Uppercase Living. ( That will have to break the rules this week, because we only get to celebrate milestone accomplishments as they happen. Besides, Paul and I need a night out! ;-)

I found a couple of recipes using Ramen noodles on  We're going to try this one:
I also found a shrimp risotto that looks yummy for Sunday dinner.  Here's the Risotto recipe:
They have a neat alternative to most sites for recipe searching, by using one or more ingredients you have on hand. This is likely to come in VERY handy this month. (Thanks, Suz for reminding me about this!)

I tried to make up an entire month's worth of menu, but it was more work than I was up for. The last week of January may be harder because of this, but I am up for some diversity.  (Applesauce and Peanut butter can be combined into something edible, right?) heehee ;-)
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