Pantry Challenge - Day 6-7

Last night's Ramen Noodle meal was... just ok.  I can tell when I have not made the best meal when the hubby goes and finds additional food to eat at the table instead of just getting seconds.  The sauce I added turned out to be too hot for Liam, so I had to get him a different dinner too.  UGH!

Tonight we are having leftovers.  There is Pot Roast, Sausage Pasta and Ramen Noodle meals all leftover.  Plus I have a PTA meeting at 7PM.  I find that I am 'working' more evenings every week.  Not that I stop running the house all day too. ;-)  It is very nice to get out of the house though and Paul tries very hard to be home in time to let me go!  God bless my Man.
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