Pantry Challenge - Week 3 - temptations

So, as I mentioned earlier this week, we are all out of eating out 'tokens' for the month.  I have a weakness for doing it at lunch. Here's a typcial day, I work at the computer for a few hours first thing in the morning, with my trusty mug o' joe.  Liam gets up and eats, and eats, and eats.  We get dressed, then get an errand done mid-morning.  By now it's noon or 1, (have you guessed it?), I haven't eaten yet.  This is when I am tempted.  Today I was determined that I would not completely fail my challenge by spending money on lunch.  I wanted to use a gift card I have instead.  Ok, so it is still eating out, BUT no addition money out of the budget, so I felt good about it.  We drive to the next town over to get to the restraurant, only to find that they are not OPEN for lunch!!!!  Well, that was just what I needed to put me back on course.  The hubby did eat out for lunch today, which was another temptation.  I can justify my lunch with his, right?  Well, then he calls on his way home, asking if we can go out tonight too.  This is going to be a hard week to finish.  Here's hoping next week is EASIER!  As far as menus go, we still have plenty to eat.  I even had a brunch meeting this week with homemade (& from scratch) coffee cake.   There are a couple of parties at our home next week; that will make the challenge interesting!
See you on the post side, Jen
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